Sherlock's Room

Do you dare to escape? Mystery has come to Viseu!

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About Us

Sherlock’s Room Viseu: Where everything begins!

Imagine yourself closed in a room... a clock ticking... a mystery to solve... and when you look around... nothing is as simples as it seems!

For 60 minutes, you and your friends are involved in a possible crime scene. Work as a team, defy your senses and test your mental skills.

Your goal is to solve the mystery and escape before time runs out.

Is it possible that you can say "Elementary, my dear Watson" in less than an hour???

How to Play

Book Online

Teams of 2 to 5 players

Arrive 5 minutes before the booked time

Overcome the challenges

Escape in 60 minutes

Who Can Play

Friends and family

All for one and one for all! Bring your friends and family and test your team work.


Come and visit Viseu, in the eyes of a detective.

Team building

Work your skills, communication, team work and methodology, and reach your goal!

Special events

You can celebrate your birthday and bachelor party in an original way.

The Game

Margot Secrets

4 mysterious deaths, one lead. Can you discover what unite them?

Viseu, on of the best cities to live in, Portugal's middle location, was haunted by a crime.

Sherlock Holmes is the guy who is investigating Miss Margot, an enigmatic psychic who has installed her black magic sciences office in Rua Major Leopoldo da Silva...

Should her have something to hide or is just a mere medium for these vengeful souls?

Book now

Gather a group of 2 to 5 friends and dare to play!

You will have a hour of adrenaline, but should be present 5 minutes earlier for briefing. (Not recommended for people younger than 16 years old)

Price per team is 50€, to be paid before the game in cash

If you want to book with less than 24 hours interval, you should call us.

*Younger than 16yo should be accompanied by an adult.


Don't you know what to offer to your friend or family on theirs special day? Think out of the box.
Offer them 60 minutes of adrenaline and keep it a memorable day!

Offer a Sherlock's Room voucher!

Send us an email to and ask us your voucher or contact us by phone (+351 963220683 or +351 969655899) and keep an eye on your email box.


(Valid for 3 months)

*You can use the voucher on any day and time, upon availability.
**Valid for a group with 2 to 5 persons.

Contact us

Centro Comercial Ecovil, Rua Dr. Luíz Ferreira, 2º Andar, Sala 1
3500 Viseu

+351 963220683 or +351 969 655 899

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